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I adore this man, hope you enjoy it!
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I'm not updating this journal cause I'm on my final and I hardly have time to do it, but tomorrow I finish and I promise to update this more.
I decided to create a Dom's community. so if any of you wants to help you are all welcome.

take care!!


Jun. 12th, 2009 10:50 am
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Thanks to msilverstar I have a dreamwidth account. I will use this as a "backup" of my LJ account, but also I will post here personal experiences and icons,etc...

Just to inform you, some of the entries will be in Spanish, as it's my mother language and I feel more confident with it (obviously ,lol), but most of them will be in English.

I will try to learn how this works,once I learn, I will make this journal Semi-Locked, which means ,some of the entries will be locked and only me and my friends will able to read them, others will be public.

Enjoy and welcome to my world.

ps: Once again, thanks to msilverstar, you are THE BEST!!!!



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